Vehicle Tracking System

This is a project that targets transportation services that take students from their homes to schools and vice versa. Given this, each bus has a specific path to follow and an estimated duration for it. The main objective is to provide a means of tracking all buses and consequently provide relevant services to managers, drivers and passengers.
Once a trip starts, server will consistently receive live coordinates of the bus along with ID of current passengers from the driver. This data will be displayed at real time to the manager via a web application and will then be saved in the database for offline analysis. The Driver will organise and conduct the trip. To achieve this, a Web API is set up to respond to requests that will be made to the server.
SQL Server 2016 Database is used to handle the database service. The controller was developed using C# programming language with ASP.NET. Model-View-Controller architecture was used to organise the code. MVC was significantly helpful because the system runs a Web API and a Web application at the same time. The system has been tested and proved to be behaving as expected.